Frances, you minx of a hurricane. You've flooded the Caribbean, Florida and other states up the coast, and now you're here to poop on our area, as Gothamist Weather succinctly puts it. You totally have messed up the subways today - the 1/2/3/9 suspended between Times Square and 96th Street, the 4/5/6 suspended between Brooklyn Bridge and 125th Street, for starters. WNBC reports, "Two overcrowded F trains stopped at the Bergen Street station in Brooklyn but were so crowded that no one could get on." (WNBC's article also has status of how most subway lines are screwed.) And the storm is affecting Fashion Week - oh no! The scene around some subway stations was somewhat Biblical - pounding rain, people confused as to way the subways were closed, taxis and buses ignoring commuters' desperate pleas...Gothamist lost a shoe as we hurried across the street to catch a crowded but not that crowded bus that ultimately left because some jerks refused to walk to the back of bus. Anyway, Gothamist hopes that at some point in the future, during mass transit crunches, people in taxis will ask others trying to hail cabs where they are going - maybe people could share cabs. Yeah, we know - wishful thinking.

How did you get to work today?