Aaaand the Census results come home to roost. According to Politico, an early estimate of House reappointments based on this year's Census has Florida gaining two seats and New York losing two. Election Data Services president Kimball Brace says, "We were most surprised at the shift of an additional district out of New York and down to Florida, even though that follows the population movement in this country since World War II." Jokes about your Jewish grandparents aside, the shift could have big consequences for the state.

The redistricting could mean a return to Republican control of the state Senate, and a shift in geographical representation of the state. One of lost House seats would also likely come from the metropolitan area; estimates say areas with net population loses include Nassau County. The Census Bureau will announce the official results of the numeration in December, after which a formula will apportion the 435 house seats, and the congressional maps for the 2012 election will be drawn up.