New York 25th Congressional district candidate Ann Marie Buerkle can stop her campaign right now, because now that former local TV sports announcer Sarah Palin is on board, she's a made woman! Palin took to Facebook to endorse the Republican candidate, whose issues include "lower taxes and smaller government."

While Palin mentions Buerkle's conservative values and law degree, there seems to be one reason why Palin thinks she's such a great candidate. She's a mom! Palin writes, "Being a proud mother of six and grandmother of 11 gives this New York 'mama grizzly' a wonderful incentive to work hard to make sure our country remains the same land of opportunity for future generations of Americans."

But 25th district representative Dan Maffei isn't shaking in his boots just yet. He tells the Daily Politics, "I think the fact that Ann Marie Buerkle is throwing in her lot with the Sarah Palin-Tea Party wing of the Republican Party will tell voters here all they need to know about her...I don't think most voters here in central and western New York share that viewpoint."