Pooh-poohing the idea that being in a blue state meant their votes wouldn't count, New Yorkers were determined to vote yesterday, overwhelming voting centers and frustrating many. Our readers reported both frustrating and easy voting experiences yesterday, which makes us realize a couple things: 1) Voting on the way to work may make you late to work; 2) Voting at the crack of dawn is ideal, except at 45 Wall Street where election officials arrived an hour late; 3) There are varying rules about taking pictures of your ballot; 4) NYC children enjoy voting, so much so that they'll ask any ol' stranger if they can vote with 'em, making us believe the children really are the future. And the City's Board of Elections website had been inaccessible since Monday, due to the public's demand to find out more about where they needed to vote, which makes Gothamist wonder why the City didn't anticipate the need for more bandwidth - it's only the biggest city in the U.S., with a very high number of people Internet enabled. Department of Information and Telecommunications Technology, wake up! Gothamist has learned that the DoITT has nothing to do with the Board of Elections site or phonelines, so we're sorry we assumed you did; but maybe you need to help the BoE revamp their systems!

And even though it's goofy and totally jingoistic, Gothamist has to give it up to NBC News for dreaming up Democracy Plaza at Rockefeller Center. Not only was it another location for yahoos to make faces and hold up silly signs behind the talking heads, having banners scale up the side of 30 Rockefeller Center as electoral vote indicators is a great idea, even if neither one made it up to 270. But having the US map on the skating rink was lame. rion.nu has photographs, including the one above, from last night.

In local races, Jimmy Meng becomes the first Asian to serve in the State Assembly. More returns from NY1 for the NY State Senate and NY State Assembly, and a graphic from the NY Times for who won Congressional races.