2005_07_nycolydis.jpgAs the Mayor, Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff and the NYC 2012 bid committee lick their wounds and the rest of the city breathes a sigh of relief, as after being dinged in the second round of Olympic voting for a 2012 site, the Mayor admits that the NYC bid "was a long shot," as the NY Times puts it. Mayor Bloomberg also called the bid "a unique opportunity" that helped NYC in many ways, from getting people to realize how wonderful the city is and to encourage development. Except for the West Side! And it seems that the West Side Stadium problems helped doom the NYC bid, though the implications that NYC's bid was about "power and money" and September 11 sympathies probably didn't help (London's bid emphasized bringing sports to youth, especially disadvantaged youth in the East End). The BBC, which has had great coverage, shows the vote tallies after each round, and NYC had a very low number of votes. Honestly, Gothamist never knew how much we cared about the NYC 2012 bid until we were rejected in the second round; we thought we could make it to the third round! Perhaps the Daily News' Mike Lupica sums things up best:

At least we will never again have to hear about how Dollar-a-Year Dan Doctoroff, the deputy mayor of New York City who should start moving toward the door now, sat at the Meadowlands in 1994 and watched a World Cup soccer game between Italy and Bulgaria and began dreaming of bringing the Olympics to New York.

Then he rants about overdevelopment and using sports as the excuse. Gothamist hears ya, Mike. So, the $100 million bid (privately raised funds, supposedly) will be the target of the Mayor's detractors. Gothamist supposes Bloomberg will continually drive home the idea that the Olympics bid was all about showing off NYC as a truly world class city, and that he wanted to bring development to the city.

And 2016 is looking somewhat unlikely for New York City: The U.S. Olympic Committee would have to nominate NYC as a bid city once again (DC, San Francisco, and Los Angeles want to contend), and there's no guarantee the land would be available in 2016. Plus, USOC Chairman Peter Ueberroth calls rebidding "bunk. It doesn't work. Forget it." Yeah, look at Paris! Then there's the little formality of the Mayor needing to get reelected.

Oh, and it's zero time.