You would think that living in the city with the highest herpes rate would put the fear in New Yorkers, but a new Dept. of Health report is calling NYC out on its unsafe sex practices...and promiscuity! The Daily News breaks down the report, which shows that 40% of residents (your friends, neighbors, colleagues!) with multiple partners didn't use a condom the last time they had sex. 11%--that's around 610,000--had more than one partner in the past year, and 17% of men listed multiple partners (compared to the ladies at 6%). These weren't just single folks either: 5% of married men and women had two or more partners in the past year. The DoH isn't saying we're the sluttiest city in the world, but they do suggest having fewer partners and using more condoms! (Their report was based on telephone surveys with 10,000 city adults.)