Today's not so shocking news is that New Yorkers have the longest commutes in the country, not to mention the fact that many commutes across the boarder are getting longer. Duh: Think urban sprawl into suburban sprawl, developers trying to find places for all Americans to live...people wanting more space for their money (even in NYC, where it may be an impossibility). The Census Bureau, which did this commuting study, says that New Yorkers are also leading the "extreme" commuting trend, which doesn't involve dirt bikes or pre-teens competing for random caffienated beverage sponsorships, but actually anyone whose commutes clock in a higher-than-average times. For instance, 5.6% New Yorkers have 90+ minute commutes (in Staten Island, this number is over 10%), while only the national average is 2%. Anyway, the average commute time for a New Yorker is 38 minutes, which averages the Staten Island extreme commuter with the freelancer who walks downstairs to the coffee shop. But 38 minutes is actually a nice door-to-door number, from the moment you step out of your house to the moment you step into the office - Gothamist is lucky if we get 38 minute commutes. And about the MTA studying LA buses to make NYC buses faster by an ambitious 10% - good luck with that, because that'll only happen if: (a) Cars and truck don't double park; (b) tourists know how to cross the street; and (c) buses don't stop at every block.

is runner-up with a 33 minute commute; Newark, Riverside, CA, and Philly are also in the top five.

Photograph from the Death of the Q Diamond Party