Apparently annoyed with scores of witless people mispronouncing New York notables' names, New York magazine publishes a pronunciation guide to a few of the essential names you'll need to drop in your water cooler conversation. Names include Wylie Dufresne(right) of wd-50, PR gal/bad driver Lizzie Grubman and Choire Sicha (who will always be "kwire-eee" to us). Here are a few others Gothamist only recently figured out:

Sridhar (Pappu) - "shh-reader" but faster
Lorne (Michaels) - "lorn," not "lorny"
P. Diddy - "P-Diddy," not "P-dot-Diddy"
(Michael) Wolff - "wolf," not "wolffffff"
Houston Street - "how-ston," not like the city
Bronx - "the Bronx"