2007_02_spitzerlegalpad.jpgThe latest Quinnipiac poll about New York politics shows that the public is behind Governor Spitzer and his "Steamroller Style." Sixty-one percent say Spitzer's way is "good for the people"; by gender, men like Eliot a little more than women, with 63% men approving to 57% of women. (Men like a man who gets angry!) Interestingly enough, 59% of Republicans approve of Spitzer's attitude - probably because they are enjoying his fight with Assembly leader Sheldon Silver.

Speaking of, the polls also shows that the public disapproves of the State Legislature, 48% to 31%. Silver and Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno are at new lows with their approval rating (who was approving them to begin with, we'd like to know). As for the State Comptroller debacle, 48% of voters are undecided about the Assembly's selection of Thomas DiNapoli; 35% think the Assembly broke its word with the Governor while 18% believe DiNapoli is a legitimate pick. DiNapoli had an anthrax scare yesterday, when he received a threatening letter against him and Silver containing white powder. It was found to be not dangerous.

What has been dangerous, though, is the public sentiment after the Comptroller Chaos. The NY Times has a story about various Assembly members being deluged by calls and e-mails from constituents who are upset. Assemblyman Albert Stirpe of North Syracuse "wryly" said, "No one's ever going to vote for me again." The TImes's blog the Empire Zone published the Assembly roll calls for the Comptroller choice, so you can see who your assembly person voted for.

And the Observer has an article about Spitzer's plan to get back at Silver: Take over the State Senate, which is currently controlled by the Republicans. The Democratic Senate leader is Malcolm A. Smith of Queens, and Spitzer's people are looking to shore up support from Senate Republicans for him. The 2008 State Senate elections will be crazy!

Photograph of Governor Spitzer denouncing the selection of Thomas DiNapoli as State Comptroller by Tim Roske/AP