2006_01_carriagehousebr.jpgAn 18 year old upstate girl in the city for a New Year's party at the Carriage House Bar on East 59th Street was raped in the bathroom. According to the police, she blacked out during the party and found herself in a bathroom having sex; Newsday reported:

The bouncer at the bar, the Carriage House Bar on East 59th Street, broke up the attack, apparently mistaking the rape for consensual sex and telling the 18-year-old victim and the suspect to put their clothes back on, police said. The victim, who is from Saratoga Springs upstate, left with a male friend, who took her to Lenox Hill Hospital. The friend then returned to the bar, where the suspect was still partying. The friend confronted the suspect, who shoved the friend and ran off, police said.

The Post actually have a photograph of the Carriage House Bar bathroom and adds that the victim was not only drunk but high on coke as well as a "college preppy" who arrived with other friends in a limo. The bar's owner Hamid Izam tells the Post that he thought the party's organizer was over 21 and was told that all the attendees would be over 21; Izam was given a citation.

Photograph from the NY Post