Finally, after years of talk, the Yankees are making serious moves to move out of the old house that Ruth built and build a new stadium across the street on Macombs Dam Park. The new stadium, estimated to cost the Yankees and other private sources $700 million, would be ready in 2009 or 2010. In order for the plan to get approved by the city (and the Bloomberg administration), the Yankees proposed they would pay for most of the construction costs, versus offering to pay only half when Mayor Giuliani was in office. The new stadium will not have a retractable roof, which helped offset some cost. The city will, however, pay for "non-stadium" improvements, like more parkland and Metro-NOrth service.

There was some early speculation that the old stadium would be torn down, which left Gothamist a bit apoplectic - curse of the Bambino 2, perhaps, combined with curses of thousands of other players. However, the NY Times reassures all and reports that the old stadium will be "converted, possibly, to a multilevel parking garage with a soccer field on top, while retaining the ball field and the most recognizable elements of the structure." A parking structure? Really? Anyway, the new stadium will look more like the old Yankee stadium, pre 1974 renovation, and have 50,000 seats (6,000 less than now) and 50 luxury boxes (more). Now, Gothamist just hopes its name stays as "Yankee Stadium" and not as "Verizon Stadium" or something.

The official Yankees site, and Wikipedia and Ballparks of Baseball on the stadium.