In March, it was revealed that a trio of men had successfully jumped from 1 World Trade Center in 2013. The BASE jumpers also videotaped their bravery/idiocy, ">resulting in terrifying and beautiful footage. Yesterday, one of the jumpers' lawyers released another video, explaining, well, YOLO.

The video was taken from a camera that Marko Markovich had, and his lawyer Timothy Parlatore said, "There’s no question over what happened that night so there’s no reason to hide behind it." There's also a prominent URL for—which is a legal defense fund for Markovich, Andrew Rossig and James Brady (Parlatore says any money raised from the video will go to 9/11 victims).

On the video, Markovich is breathing nervously and finally swallows his courage at 4:30, "Fuck it." Another jumper says, "You got this, man," reassuringly.

The Daily News reports the jumpers are "'hoping the video can be used for some good' in light of the NYPD creating a spectacle of the jump, Parlatore said when the first videos were posted." The BASE jump, as well as a 16-year-old boy's ability to climb to the top of the tower, exposed woefully inadequate security at the construction site. Parlatore also added that they would love to do community service at WTC.

Markovich, Rossig and Brady were charged with reckless endangerment, burglary and BASE jumping. The NYPD, who were tipped off by a Goldman Sachs security officer about seeing the jumpers land near the Goldman Sachs building, eventually caught up with them after reviewing a lot of surveillance video and tying a getaway car to Brady, a construction worker who had spent time at the WTC site. The three are due in court today.

The head of security at the site resigned. Two CNN reporters weren't stealth enough to sneak in—they got arrested while trying to document the building's lax security.