Today, the city announced a new plan for a waterfront park along the East Side of Manhattan. The East Side esplanade will feature floating paths, canopies and amphitheater seating from 38th Street to 60th Street along the FDR Drive. And we know exactly how these esplanade deals come together: cigars, back room trades, and little hookers giving little blowjobs:

The most notable aspect of the project is that the whole park will be floating about 30 feet away from the FDR and two feet above the 100-year flood line; it will also be equipped with buffers to protect against storms like Hurricane Sandy, and noise from the FDR Drive.
“You will be floating on the water, which is quite a unique experience,” said Cali Gorewitz, vice president of development at the New York City Economic Development Corporation. “We [also] wanted to build it to withstand the East River conditions. It’s a rough water body.”

There are three parts to the project: one runs between 53rd and 60th Streets (and will be dedicated to environmental education); another between 41st and 53rd Streets (which will accommodate larger gatherings); and the waterside pier between 38th and 41st Streets (which will have water access, seating and fitness equipment).

The 45-foot-wide waterside pier, formerly the Con Edison pier, is expected to open to the public by 2015. The next section, the 53rd Street portion, is expected to be completed by 2019. And the whole waterside park should be completed sometime between 2021 and 2025.

This project comes just as the Brooklyn Bridge Beach, part of the East River Blueway project that will stretch from the Brooklyn Bridge to East 38th Street, gets closer and closer to becoming a reality.