2008_09_markgreen.jpgIn order to counter an expected bill from Oliver Koppell to extend term limits, Councilman David Weprin says that he will introduce legislation that only a referendum by voters should change the city's term limits law. Weprin, like Koppell, is among the majority of Council members that will be forced out of office next year, but plans to run for city comptroller. Koppell calls Weprin's proposal “a largely cosmetic attempt at publicity.” While Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Christine Quinn have remained relatively mum as developments in the term limits saga have continued to unfold in recent weeks, yesterday former Public Advocate and mayoral candidate Mark Green wrote an op-ed for the Daily News calling his allowance of Mayor Giuliani to stay in office for 90 days following 9/11 "a mistake" and wonders why Bloomberg is "imitating Giuliani" in his play to stay in power for four more years.