Earlier this year, TMZ released video of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice dragging his then-fiancee's body out of an elevator at an Atlantic City hotel, after apparently punching her. The NFL suspended him for two games, which even the Commissioner Roger Goodell admitted wasn't enough. Now, a new video shows the more of the assault in graphic detail. UPDATE: The Ravens have now released Rice.

TMZ posted the video today, noting, "This is what a two game suspension looks like -- Ray Rice delivering a vicious punch to his fiancee's face, knocking her out cold." On February 15, Rice and Janay Palmer were arguing as they walked to the elevator at the now-closed Revel Casino. From TMZ:

Inside the elevator it's apparent he strikes first ... she hits back ... and then Rice delivers the knockout blow.

The punch knocks Janay off her feet -- and she smashes her head on the elevator hand rail ... knocking her out cold. Ray doesn't seem phased ... and when the door opens, he drags her out into the hotel.

Also, a Revel employee told TMZ that "he was working there at the time and says the NFL saw the elevator footage before imposing the 2-game suspension." However, the NFL claims it never saw the footage (the Ravens say the same thing). Here's the video the NFL did see:

Rice married Palmer in March, and then in May, had a press conference with Palmer where he used the words "knocked down"—"I failed miserably, but I wouldn’t call myself a failure because failure is not getting knocked down. It’s not getting up." Palmer also told reporters, "I do deeply regret the role I played in the incident that night. But I can say that I am happy that we continue to work through it together. I love Ray, and I know that he will continue to prove himself not only to you all, but to the community, and I know he will gain your respect back in due time." The Ravens live Tweeted the presser:

Rice's lawyer had told USA Today in March, "On behalf of Ray Rice, we vehemently deny he committed aggravated assault. We think the matter of the charges involved will not be substantiated. Ray and Janay Palmer are together. They’re in counseling and happy. Neither wish to see the other prosecuted. For some reason the State of New Jersey prosecuted. As always, we only hope the public reserves judgement until the facts are brought to light." Rice, who pleaded not guilty to aggravated assault, "avoided trial by being accepted into a pretrial intervention program in May."

Update: The Ravens Tweeted that they released Rice from the team, "The #Ravens have terminated RB Ray Rice's contract this afternoon."