The seething straphanger who chased and smashed an MTA bus in retaliation for allegedly bad service earlier this week was reportedly involved in a series of bus pummeling incidents throughout the night.

As we reported yesterday, police are searching for a man who was caught on video ripping the mirrors off an M15 bus in the middle of Houston Street, after claiming to have run 23 blocks to catch it. "Go ahead and run me over just like you ran past every bus stop as I banged on your fucking door," he shouted, as the bus driver flashed silent messages of "CALL POLICE" and "EMERGENCY" from the bus's marquee.

On Thursday evening, NBC New York published additional footage from the night, which shows the man fighting at least two other city buses in the same area.

"You fucking kidding, goddamn MTA," he rants as he flags down the second bus in the middle of the street. "This keeps on fucking happening. It's not okay. All this goddamn running to have fucking terrible service."

Yet another bus arrives soon after, and the prolific bus basher remains on message. "I will fuck your bus up like I did everybody else," he promises. Video shows the man ripping off the mirror on that bus soon after. According to police, the man did a total of $2,000 to the buses.

In a statement, NYC Transit President Andy Byford said that no one was injured, and that the MTA was working with police to find the man. "We do not tolerate any behavior that threatens the safety and security of our employees and customers," Byford said. "We take this matter very seriously and are working with NYPD to find this individual and bring him to justice."