The Upper East Side is next in line for the long-awaited infusion of Citi Bikes, with approximately 40 stations planned for the area between 59th to 96th Street and 5th Avenue to the FDR.

Last night, the DOT presented its plans for the new racks before Manhattan's Community Board 8, and you can look at the whole PDF here.

A notable aspect of the presentation is the pains the DOT seems to have taken to be transparent about its process for selecting station locations, since Citi Bike has in the past been the target of impassioned criticism for it's so-called lack of community engagement. When the first wave of Citi Bikes landed in 2013, NIMBYs across the city wailed that they were never warned the bikes were coming, that the stations were trampling cars and old people and they are just so incurably ugly.

To combat any criticism, the DOT included several sheets detailing not only station locations deemed amenable by local stakeholders but, to show they were really paying attention, even included a map illustrating where residents resisted stations, and where they were thus "removed from further consideration."

The agency also held "more than 35 meetings and events" with CB8, local elected officials, block organizations and area institutions, in addition to public community planning workshops. And moreover, notes Bonny Tsang, DOT's Deputy Press Secretary, additional tweaks will be made based on feedback offered at last night's meeting.

In short: People of the Upper East Side, Citi Bike is coming for you. Don't say anyone didn't warn you.