The Granny Juror; Photo: NY Post

America's favorite juror is Juror No. 4 from the Tyco trial. Whether people love her or hate her, they are certainly talking about the Upper East Side grandmother who many think is the one holding up jury deliberations. The Times reports about how the AOL message board about the trial made the top ten for the first time last week, but the Post puts it bluntly: "'NET NUTS RAGE AT TYCO JURY HOLDOUT." Of course, the Tyco defense lawyers point the the Internet comments as yet another reason for a mistrial. Gothamist wants to know if that would be a first - Internet message boards, chat rooms, and overall commenting about a case causing a mistrial or some other change in direction in the pursuit of justice. In the mean time, we think a few book publishers are probably trying to get the "Holdout Granny" to tell her side of the story post-trial.