It's a scary world out there for those developers who sank millions into new luxury rental buildings, and the desperation has begun to manifest itself in increasingly entertaining ways. Take the dispiriting new Truffles TriBeCa over by the West Side Highway; this 291-unit eyesore has been trying to lure tenants with an increasingly "offbeat" marketing push, replete with half-naked models lying ass up on a sofa in what could be your totally boss apartment, brah. Truffles's latest gambit is to liven up the place with a bunch of lifeless, albeit stylish, mannequins, seen here lounging smugly on the balcony. Because nothing dispels an atmosphere of sterile desolation better than a pair of faceless white human replicas. Doesn't it kind of remind you of that scene in "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" where Indian Jones finds himself in a nuclear testing "village" populated by mannequins about to be annihilated? (Or did we just needlessly confess to watching "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"?) Either way, fire at will. [Via Runnin' Scared/The Landscape]