Well, that didn't take long.

On Thursday the MTA started a 30 day test run for the new R160 trains on the N line. If the new cars run for 30 days without a hitch the MTA will go ahead and place an order for a slew of 'em (at $1.4 million per car). You'll be interested to know that it took all of 24 hours for the first hitch. "A 'propulsion component' caused transit officials to keep the Kawasaki train off the tracks until 11:19 a.m. yesterday - well after its scheduled 5:52 a.m. start."

And so the test period starts over. We can't really complain though as this is exactly what these test periods are for. And better to find a problem and fix it on day two than on day 28, right?

R160 Display by Kriston Lewis via Contribute.