After sketching a portrait that launched a meme, as well as the hatred of millions of Pats fans, courtroom sketch artist Jane Rosenberg is looking for redemption. So she invited Boston CBS affiliate WBZ to see her new practice sketch of Tom Brady. The result is a little disappointing, to be honest.

For starters, it looks a lot like him—whereas Rosenberg's original sketch had the raw power to inspire others:

The original sketch was a quick shorthand of what Brady was to her—which is the essence of a courtroom sketch. GQ's art critic Clay Skipper ("a guy who took one art history class. One. On Friday mornings. Usually hungover. Seven years ago") wrote, "There is no Instagram filter that makes existential angst look better, or nihilism disappear. Look just beyond Tom, to the right of his ear. Do you see those two men? With Tom, they represent the past, the present, and the future. It’s all right there."

Rosenberg has not had an easy time with the backlashed, and issued an apology saying, "Tell Tom Brady, I'm sorry I didn't make him pretty enough. He's very pretty." She told WBZ. "I’ve had sleepless nights and Tom Brady’s been in my mind in the middle of the night. I get up worrying about it... I don’t like knowing people are really watching what I’m doing. I guess people do all the time, but I never think about it ever. But now I feel like everybody’s commenting and they’re really watching."

If you were wondering, Rosenberg would like $1 million for the sketch (buyers have been inquiring).

Brady was back in court today, as the NFL and Patriots are trying to figure out this whole Deflategate thing (the quarterback allegedly likes soft balls). No settlement was reached, so a judge will decide. So there's a new sketch!