TWA Terminal; Photo - NY TimesThe airline media darling, Jet Blue, looks like it will be able to build a new terminal at JFK. Plus, it means that Terminal 5, the gorgeous Eero Saarinen-designed space that used to be the TWA terminal, will reopen, which comes after what must be at least months of negotiation for the Port Authority. The NY Times reports that the Port Authority "struck a deal" with the FAA, NY State Historical Preservation Office, and Advisory Counil on Historic Preservation to "restore and find another use" for Terminal 5 - and that the new Jet Blue terminal would be connected to Terminal 5 via "pedestrian tubes." Pedestrian tubes? That sounds so Jetsons and maybe perfect for the swooping, curving Terminal 5 that seems to undulate.

2004_08_jetblue.jpgThe JetBlue part of the story is interesting: It's now apparently JFK's biggest carrier, as well as the nation's fast-growing airline. The new terminal would be 640,000 square feet, with 26 gates, a connecting bridge, and 1,500 parking spaces. Ticket kiosks would be stationed in Terminal 5 for travelers who want to enter through Terminal 5, which underscores JetBlue's desire to take over the space at some point. The Port Authority, though, is in talks with other firms about how to use Terminal 5.

This brings us to Terminal Five, an art event that is supposed to open this October. David from lightningfield let us know about it a while back. And some of the Internet's best photographs of Terminal 5 are at lightningfield.

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