Oh sure, NYC taxi drivers may occasionally crash through a coffee shop or cheat passengers over $1 million, but we know they know what they're doing. That's what a new unscientific survey from hotels.com scientifically proves once and for all!

The survey stacks NYC up against 49 other major cities, and was deemed the easiest place to hail a cab. They ranked NY as seventh-best overall in the country in cab service, behind Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco, Orlando, Boston and Washington. Thirty percent of those polled said NYC cabbies are the most knowledgeable, but 39 percent said our drivers are by far the most reckless behind the wheel.

Thirty-eight percent gave them the lowest marks for their "notoriously surly dispositions." Which some drivers sound quite fine with: "I'd have to say that's 100% accurate," said Al Gladden, 60, who has driven a cab since 1972. The survey reveals that drivers and passengers are stuck in an ouroborus of perpetual crabbiness. "It's not just the drivers, it's the whole city. People used to be much more friendly," said Jose Diaz, 63, who has driven a cab since 1976. Diaz admits that there are a lot of bad drivers however, which reflects upon their familiarity with the twists and turns of the city: "Guys don't know the city, so they drive crazy." And if you think you can do better, for a mere $609,000, you too can get in on all the fun!