Watch out, Wes Autrey. There's a new subway hero in town—and he's not afraid to go under the Hudson River. Terrence Kelsor, a PATH security guard, spotted a drunk man stumble onto the tracks of the Christopher Street station late Friday night and was able to lift him to safety moments before a train arrived. The unknown victim stumbled back into the night after being rescued. Kelsor describes him as so intoxicated that "you could smell it coming out of his pores." The News says that the man who fell was over 250 pounds, while Kelsor only checks in at 5'7" and 170 pounds. The Newark man told the paper, "Somehow, I had superhuman strength. It was by the grace of God. It could have been his life. It could have been mine. Both our lives were in jeopardy." If there was any doubt to his bravery, even an Iraq vet confirms it. A witness from the Army Corps of Engineers said, "He didn't hesitate. I hesitated, and I just got back from Iraq."