The Center for Disease Control, of all people, says that New Yorkers are the unhappiest people in the entire country... with New Jersey, Connecticut, Michigan and Indiana rounding out the Top 5. On the other side of the spectrum, Hawaii, Louisiana, Colorado, Florida and Tennessee are filled with the happiest folks. All in all 1.3 million people were surveyed over the course of four years, and the least miserable were those residing in states that do well in quality-of-life studies.

The survey focused on the question, "How satisfied are you with your life?" However, one psychologist opined, "How do you measure happiness? It might be the things they're looking at are not the things that make New Yorkers happy."

Another expert suggested that long commutes, congestion and high prices are making us sad. To prove them wrong, 1010Wins did their own street survey and found plenty of smiling people! Except one sad sack who blamed being a Mets fan for part of his woes.