You better make sure you have some 2-cent stamps on hand, because stamp prices are rising from 42 cents to 44 cents tomorrow. One Manhattan resident wasn't too upset about the price hike, telling the Daily News, "If I had to buy 1,000 stamps, it would be a big deal. The biggest inconvenience is having to get the new stamps." Of course, the Forever stamp is helpful that way, since its price doesn't change—more details about new stamp prices here. And the USPS have been looking at a number of cost-cutting measures—from eliminating 24-hour teller service at the James Farley Post Office (the stamp machines and PO Boxes are will available 24-7) to consolidating mail operations. Most recently, local lawmakers were infuriated with the USPS's idea to move Queens mail processing to Brooklyn, which would mean an end to a Queens postmark. Mail from Queens would be sent to Brooklyn for processing...and then back to Queens, which worries residents, lawmakers and postal worker unions about lost time in transit.