2008_12_bobkerrey1.jpgNew School President Bob Kerrey hasn't always been liked (back in 2003, students marched into his office to protest his support of the U.S. invasion of Iraq), and yesterday, he received a vote of no-confidence from the school's senior faculty. This vote came to a head when he announced he would serve as provost, too, after the fifth provost in seven years—who was only in the job for three months— decided to step down (and work on the Obama transition team). While board of trustees announced their support of him, tensions are running high. Anthropologist Arjun Appadurai, who served as provost between 2004 and 2006, told the Times, “I came to the New School largely because I sensed that he was a charismatic, affable, charming person. I found that was one part of the style. But I also found there was another part that was impulsive, autocratic and produced an increasing sense of fear among those who worked for him.