There was great excitement in the cycling community last month when the DOT finally finished turning the treacherous Sands Street approach to the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn into an elegant, elevated bike lane. Transportation Alternatives even held an opening celebration, dubbing the Sands Street lane the "Budnick Bikeway," after Noah Budnick, a T.A. advocate who almost died riding his bike on Sands Street in 2005.

The new elevated lane makes accessing the bridge infinitely safer, and as an added bonus, it's wide enough to accommodate plenty of free parking! This morning we snapped this shot of a Time Warner Cable truck parked up on the elevated bike lane, just a half block from the Brooklyn tow pound. While pausing to document this new mixed-use bike lane/parking lot, one of the Time Warner employees shouted, "Hey! Are you all right?"—a query that sounded more threatening than concerned.

We sent our photos to Transportation Alternatives spokesman Wiley Norvell, who commented, "This lane was designed to deter the chronic double-parking that blocks half the bike network. If drivers aren't taking those cues, then it's time to talk about loading zones on the nearby curbsides for these types of deliveries and additional traffic agents to send a message during these first few weeks of operation. Seeing the city's premier bike lane blocked by a Time Warner van gets my blood boiling. This is why I don't have cable."