New York's Animal Care and Control has come under some scrutiny this year after trying to lockdown its workers from posting photos and information about shelters on the internet. Now, a new report by ABC suggests why they may not want that info leaking out: they talked to two AC&C workers who say that the stray animals are often housed in terrible conditions.

Those terrible conditions include cats stacked in small cages, dogs not walked for days, dogs wallowing in their own waste, cages caked with filth, and cat food mixed with kitty litter. And it's a problem in all three of their city locations: "Absolutely, on a daily basis you can walk into the shelter and find these conditions in the places that aren't visible to the public," one anonymous insider told ABC. Workers say the budget for the non-profit has been cut by $1.5 million by the Dept. Of Health in the last two years, and the volunteer program was suspended for awhile, leaving no one to walk the dogs. "I'm not going to see the animals are suffering. None of the animals are being neglected or abused. Can we provide better care? Absolutely," said Richard Gentles, development director.