The mayoral race is finally starting to temper, with the sideshow act that was The Anthony Weiner Debacle fading from the spotlight just as swiftly as it appeared. (FOR NOW!) So where does that leave us? A New York Times/Siena College poll shows that Christine Quinn continues to cling to the lead with 25 percent of the Democratic vote, despite the fact that even her core supporters refuse to touch her autobiography.

Former comptroller William Thompson is trailing with 16 percent, and Bill de Blasio has garnered just 14 percent of Democratic support—surprising considering Thursday's glowing Times profile and the runaway popularity of his 15-year-old son's magnificent afro.

Anthony Weiner is still managing to pull 10 percent of the vote, despite (or perhaps, because) he referred to Republican candidate George McDonald as "grandpa" during a town hall debate earlier this the AARP. Poll-wise, this is an all-time low for Weiner—it feels like just yesterday that we were making terrible rising Weiner puns!

Over in Comptroller Land (terrible vacation spot, don't go), Eliot Spitzer is currently boasting a nine-point lead over Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, although 19 percent of Democratic voters are "undecided," which is likely a euphemism for "what the fuck is a 'comptroller,' and is it different from a 'controller'? (We have answers to both of those questions, by the way.) The poll did not dignify Madam Kristin Davis with her results.