The Villager got ahold of the revised proposed design for Washington Square Park-- check out this insanely gorgeous high resolution picture they were nice enough to put up. To our eyes, the design hasn't changed that much since the last iteration. Still at issue are three major elements of the design:

On Monday morning Jan. 9, at a meeting starting at 8:45 a.m., the Art Commission is expected to vote on three elements of the renovation: conserving and moving the park's historic fountain 22 feet to the east to align it with the Washington Square Arch and Fifth Ave. and conserving and moving the park's Garibaldi statue and Holley monument about 15 feet north and rotating them 90 degrees to face south. The meeting will be held in at City Hall, on the second floor.

They are also proposing grading the plaza and some other areas back to street level (the plaza is currently sunken by about four feet, and other areas are currently raised by about the same amount), and expanding some playgrounds on the north side of the park. While not marked on the map, we assume the west side of the park will still be reserved for drug dealers, at least from the hours of 8pm until dawn.