Graphic designers hoping to score a gig making MTA pictograms are out of luck. Because of the administration's extreme budget crunch it's decided to recycle old instructional images rather than creating new ones. Among the pictograms planned as part of a citywide overhaul were icons telling commuters to keep their feet off the seats and graphic instructions to silence their cell phone chats, reports the Post. But with a $750 million deficit on its hands, the MTA will instead spend a considerably smaller sum refreshing the classics.

For example, they've switched the background on handicapped-accessible signs from black to to blue. New images—which may include one to "instruct riders to stand behind the yellow line on platforms, demonstrated by two feet behind a thick border" and another to "warn against pulling the emergency brake, with a 'Don't' over a hand pulling the cord"—would be added only during major station renovations. According to spokesman Kevin Ortiz, under the new, more-limited plan only "a few thousand dollars" have been spent.