Sure, NYC's Off-Tracking Betting operation needs a firm hand, especially since it teetered near bankruptcy, but the state decided to keep it open for another year. But does the new guy running it really need to be paid $125,000 a month?

The Daily News reports that State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli's office found Greg Rayburn contract "one-sided and unfavorable to NYC OTB," noting, "Such an unprecedented salary needs to be justified, particularly since Mr. Rayburn does not seem to be restricted from holding other employment" in the contract. Rayburn is also paid a month in advance. The previous OTB chief made $175,000 a year.

The State Comptroller's office may try to get the contract canceled, since Rayburn's responsibilities or expectations for his job performance aren't even defined, but it's unclear how long Rayburn will be around for. A spokesman for Governor Paterson said, "He is successfully reorganizing and restructuring NYC OTB without using taxpayer money to do it."