Back in June Police Commissioner Ray Kelly let slip that the NYPD is regularly searching Twitter and Facebook for leads on out-of-control house parties and unsolved crimes. Now he's made it official. The NYPD has bumped Lieutenant Kevin O'Conner up to Assistant Commissioner in charge of a brand new juvenile justice unit specifically intended to mine social media for information. Time to tweak your privacy settings?

Considering the rising importance of social media in everything from the unrest in the Middle East to (preventing and organizing) the riots in London to crime fighting here, the move is hardly surprising. Especially since everything you say on Facebook can be used against you.

Back in June, Kelly said that “We look at social networking. We’re very much focused on weekend parties." But that's not all! The new unit won't just be trolling Facebook though. As part of the Community Affairs Bureau it will also handle outreach programs "with its mandate going beyond the Net."

So...when can we expect Law & Order: Online Crimes Unit?