With the NYPD stop-and-frisk trial still underway, the new NYPD Chief of Department's already stepped into the controversial fray, telling the Daily News that he approves of the practice after being stopped and frisked as a college student.

Philip Banks III, who grew up in Crown Heights, said he was stopped by cops when he was visiting his old block during a school vacation in the 1980s. "I was fine with the stop. I mean I didn’t like, of course, to be stopped," Banks, who told the Daily News that one of the three cops who stopped him treated him poorly, said. "It was just a disrespect that me and my college friends were shown. It was what was said." But Banks says his experience hasn't turned him against the controversial practice. “I certainly believe that stop, question and frisk is an effective strategy when it’s done correctly," he said.

Banks also chimed in on Speaker of the House Christine Quinn's proposal regarding an inspector general who oversees the NYPD. "I don’t think that an inspector general is warranted. I’m not sure what results it would produce," Banks said, echoing Commissioner Ray Kelly's non-support of the position. Banks' position became effective on Thursday; he has been on the force for 26 years, and replaces outgoing chief Joseph Esposito.