The first NYC location of The Standard Hotel opened recently after more than two years of construction; located literally above the High Line, this is the sort of ominous looking structure that Curbed once likened to the AT-AT All-Terrain Walker from Star Wars. (Or for the more adult-minded, a "perpetual lap dancer" on the High Line, because of the way it evocatively straddles that old elevated railway.)

Only ten floors of the 337 room, 18-story hotel are currently open; the club, lounge, restaurant, and bars are still very much under construction. (In a new print ad, The Standard promises to "put up with your banging if you'll put up with ours," wink wink, nudge nudge.) Anyway, these photos from the roof convey how stunning the views from the double-height, glass-enclosed supper club on the 18th floor are going to be.

And when the High Line park is finally open to the public, the area around The Standard will be known as the Gansevoort Woodland; Vanity Fair reports that there will be "a profusion of redbud and birch trees" on the promenade. Everything's expected to be fully completed in April or May, so right now the soft opening "special preview" rates range in price from $195 for a room with a Queen-size bed to $495 for a suite, in case you've got moneyed, hipster parents who don't mind a little banging while in town.