2006_08_borobreak.jpgThe Census Bureau is releasing data that will show an increase in Asians and Hispanics and a decrease in whites and blacks. Almost 500,000 New York immigrants came after 2000, and NYU's Immigration Studies professor Marcelo Suarez-Orozco explains to the Daily News, "If you dig a little deeper into the numbers, it shows women of Mexican, Dominican and Chinese origin are having babies at a rate much higher than other ethnicities." Other fun fact: NYC is still the biggest city in the country (LA has about half as many people). The Daily News also reports that the city will challenge the Census Bureau's estimate that the city has 8.168 million - the city says our population is closer to 8.2 million and high numbers means more federal funding.

You can get some NYC stats from the 2000 Census by using the Census Fact Finder. And the chart is from Wikipedia's "Demographics of New York City" entry; it's not really related to the racial breakdown, but we liked how it expressed the distribution of residents per borough. Finally, did you know that the US population will grow to 300 million later this year? Here's an interesting list of stats about the country when its population hit 100 million in 1915 and 200 million in 1967.