Rudy Giuliani has been reportedly thinking about running for governor next year, but other state Republicans think he might be better suited to run against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Now the top NY State GOP figure—new party chair Ed "son-in-law of Richard Nixon" Cox—agrees, saying Giuliani "could be very effective in running for the Senate...I think he would have a better chance of winning that race," especially if Andrew Cuomo runs on the Democratic ticket.

However, Cox also tells the NY Times that Giuliani has not returned any of his calls! Which Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos thinks is rude, pointing out, "The decision has been made by the county chairs that Ed Cox would be the next state chairman. He traveled the state; he earned it, quite frankly. He went to all corners of the state."

But Skelos also suggests that Cox will let Rudy be Rudy, "On every occasion that I've been with him [Cox], in terms of Mayor Giuliani, he has indicated that he would be our first choice to run for governor or anything else he wanted to run for. Firstly, I think that the state needs new direction, and that Rudy Giuliani would be a great candidate for governor. I believe he could win it, and that's certainly where I would like to see him run, is for governor of the state of New York."