There's a kind of exhaustion some people are feeling with Donald Trump at this point in the campaign cycle, and while words can do the feeling justice, art can as well. Next week's New Yorker cover illustration by Barry Blitt features Donald Trump being rained on (and catching raindrops in his teeny tiny hand), an apt metaphor for the rolling disaster that his campaign has been in the last week. Or maybe the week before that? Or just going back to right after his convention bounce really, which wasn't much of a bounce at all.

"Like a lot of anxious people, I've been obsessively watching all the forecasts, predictions, and computer models, hoping for a break in this feverish political season. It's finally looking like we may be getting some blessed relief," Blitt told The New Yorker about his cartoon (BTW if you're wracked with nerves about this election, I recommend the Princeton Election Consortium, which predicted a Trump primary win AND his veep pick but has been down on him in the general. Or this map.).

Whether this cartoon is finally the one that stumps the Trump or not is hard to say, but it's not as if Blitt's cover last summer stopped the Trump Train.