If there's anything we've learned from Parks and Recreation, it's that there's no greater reward for the freedom we enjoy than the ability to participate in local government and other dysfunctional institutions that are supposed to make our lives run smoother. So to that end, the MTA wants you to step up and take part in an exciting new opportunity to bitch about their planned fare hikes...via video cameras!

“This is part of our unprecedented public outreach to hear what people think of these fare proposals and what suggestions they have,” MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg said. The cameras will be set up at four locations: a lower Manhattan office building, a Metro-North Railroad station and two Long Island Rail Road stops.

According to the News, the cameras are being set up so that riders can express their feelings about the fare hike proposal in a reasonable manner, therefore avoiding any awkward in-person confrontations, name calling, or hair pulling. Footage and transcripts from these “video conference hearings” will then be made available to board members. Let's hope, for all our sakes, that the MTA shoots the videos horizontally.