A pair of new mother are planning to sue Brooklyn's Brookdale Hospital for allegedly getting their babies mixed up. Shaquana Brown and Shatiesha Brown, who are not related, both gave birth to little girls on January 31. However, Shatiesha Brown was being monitored afterwards and wasn't allowed to see her baby, Aniya, for 24 hours—during which time, the infant was brought to Shaquana Brown, who said, "I was happy. I was holding her. Her father was holding her. I was breastfeeding her." But then a nurse told her later that the baby wasn't hers (there was also an incident at the nursery window between both Brown families, arguing over the baby) and it apparently took the hospital 30 minutes to find her baby. Shatiesha Brown was also devastated, because little Aniya, having fed on another woman's breastmilk, was rejecting her own mother's milk. Shatiesha Brown's lawyer told WABC 7, "There are so many ways to prevent this from happening and the hospital failed in every way."