2006_04_yankeestad.jpgThe Mayor is very chummy with the Governor - it must be leftover appendectomy sympathy or something - as they announced their supoprt for a Metro-North station near the new Yankee stadium in the Bronx. Now, the MTA doesn't have any money earmarked to actually build the station, which officials hope will help ease South Bronx congestion (those suburban fans who drive into to see the Bronx Bombers play) as well as encourage people visit the South Bronx more, but the MTA apparently does have $5 million to design the "Yankee Stadium Multimodal Transportation Center." The Mayor and Governor want the MTA to "present a plan to fund the construction and completion of this important project," Gothamist will just settle for the MTA figuring out a transit contract (the Tranport Workers Union are re-voting on the contract that the MTA says isn't on the table anymore today). And one stumbling block is out of the way for the new Yankee Stadium - the City Council just voted yes on the project, much to the dismay of protesters.

A new Metro-North station would not only be attractive to suburban fans, but also some city fans who might find it worth while to pay more for a M-N ticket if the ride is more comfortable.