When reading about how Oneida County has gotten around the NY state smoking ban by issuing bars waivers from the ban, Gothamist was distracted by some information from David Sprague, "motorcycle rider and chain smoker," who told the NY Times, that in the winter, to avoid smoking outside in cold weather, "In the bar I'd chew Skoal, and ask for a cup to spit it out in.'' We had two thoughts: Ew, Skoal, as well as, that's kind of brilliant, if you truly are addicted to tobacco. But have people, so affected by the smoking ban, really turned to smokeless tobacco to make things better? Gothamist wants to know if you've seen any nutty actions since the bar ban. We also say it's not a great idea to turn to chew - we dated a chew user and it's a taste we could never acquire.

The nicotine-fits smokers have at bars or restaurants remind us how chef Thomas Keller made a tobbaco-y treat for Anthony Bourdain when Bourdain visited The French Laundry. You can read about in A Cook's Tour.