If you've ever wanted a concrete guide to avoiding hoards of Midwesterners glued to their cameras and blocking your path, neo-cartographer Eric Fischer presents the Tourist v. Local map. In response to beliefs that his Geotaggers' World Atlas map was just a map of where out-of-towners were snapping shots, Fischer set out to see who was photographing what. The blue spots represent photos taken by "people who have taken pictures in this city dated over a range of a month or more," which most likely mean they're from around these parts. The red spots represent photos taken in the city for less than a month, and the yellow spots couldn't be determined.

The tourist hot spots are confirmed as Midtown, the Brooklyn Bridge, the baseball stadiums and the Statue of Liberty. But locals are snapping shots everywhere, with some concentration downtown and in western Brooklyn. There's some questionable territory encompassing the Staten Island Ferry route and the upper reaches of Central Park, but perhaps those are places we'll have to learn to share.