With its non-controversial new Starbucks and forthcoming J.Crew, a skyscraper designed to look like a glass-walled highrise penis and accompanying 360-degree view sun room testes wouldn't seem so far out of place in Williamsburg, would it?

Eros, a sleek new structure not actually coming to Williamsburg, invites prospective fake tenants to "insert yourself into luxury" after it's "erected" in Spring 2015. The ad, painted to the side of a building on Wythe Avenue near North 10th Street, is viral (think "popular," not "hepatitis") marketing for Colossal Media, a Williamsburg-based mural advertisement agency with a very specific clientele in mind.

"It's to generate goodwill and to say, 'We understand who you are and what you might think is funny,'" Patrick Harrelson-Keyes, Colossal's executive vice president of business development, told DNAinfo.

While the penile highrise may be the most catching to reporters makin' a living assiduously tracking development and gentrification, Colossal has also embedded a few other murals around the neighborhood, with varying degrees of subtlety. To wit, there's the psychic adviser that promises to solve "some problems" with "85 percent accuracy," and a giant Missed Connection, which questions a potential mate on her "ethical stance on Inter-special taxidermy."

"I once made a pigeon-rat. It was fascinating," it reads. "Let me paint you."

So yes, it's an advertisement, but at least it's on behalf of a small-scale operation and not some evil corporation...until they're inevitably hired by J.Crew. Goddammit.