Aw, here's a cute, bright-eyed kid in Borough Park who probably has no idea that his Purim black face costume might be considered just a tad offensive. Of course, in a post-Drunken Negro Face Cookie world, this kind of tone-deaf Obama homage is no longer so surprising.

The reader who emailed us the photo explained that the boy is donning black face to raise money for an unspecified charity, as part of Purim custom. Hence the "DOLLAR'S [sic] not CHANGE!!" sign. (The reader added that he admired the "poetic" nature of the sign and gave the lad an extra dollar.)

We once spent a Clinton-era Purim night driving around costumed tweens collecting money door-to-door, and were always under the impression the kids got to keep the loot, because every time they'd receive a sub par check they'd slam the car door and call the donor a "pig." Anyway, more on Purim for dummies here.