NYC isn't likely to be hit hard by snow forecast for today and this weekend (DC, however, is operating under snow emergency conditions). But to be on the safe side, the Long Island Rail Road has announced changes to its snow policy, just in case the weather gets really bad: If 10 inches or more of snow falls, service will be suspended throughout the system.

The change occurred was prompted by an uncomfortable commute from Penn Station to Ronkonkoma during the December 19-20 winter storm where 150 passengers were trapped on a train for hours. The ride should have taken under 90 minutes, but ended up being six hours, and the passengers were stuck on the train, between stations, without power (and no heat)...and, as one passenger told WCBS 2, "There was no bathroom except one that was flooded." The situation was so desperate that some passengers tried to break out of the train, only for the police to be called (passengers begged cops to rescue them to no avail).

According to Newsday (subscription required, "The new philosophy reasons that you're better off stuck in Penn Station than on a broken-down train somewhere on the railroad's 11 passenger branches." You can read more details about the LIRR's policy on the website.