Subway riders: Here, at long last, is your new Court Square Subway Station Complex! Until now, those who wanted to transfer between the 7 line and the G, E, and M lines in Long Island City were reduced to vulgarly venturing out onto the street. That's right, the street! Now you'll be able to do it all without once leaving the warm bosom of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

The new transfer area features two escalators, three ADA elevators, a transfer stairway between the G and 7 mezzanines and—ooh la la—a stairway connecting the Court Square 7 station’s mezzanine with the northeast corner of Jackson Avenue and 23rd Street. The 7 station also has a new name; it is now simply "Court Square," which is the name of the entire complex. Please make a note of it. The total cost of the project (including design, construction and support costs) was about $47.6 million, of which NYC Transit paid $13.9 million with the remainder funded by Citigroup (which has their big tower there).

Now if the MTA can just finish that connection between the F train and the uptown 6 line at Bleecker Street, we'll never complain about the subway again.