After a heavy-handed scare tactic on Christmas Eve, Coney Island developer Joe Sitt is expected to offer new leases to nearly a dozen Boardwalk tenants—except for one: funky pink-hued boutique Lola Staar. As previously reported in the Brooklyn Paper, Lola owner Dianna Carlin believes Sitt and his company Thor Equities are retaliating against her for her outspoken criticism. She tells the Daily News, "No one knows better than me how vicious and evil they are but it still astounds me." Yeah, one could see how comments like that could sorta backfire. Carlin, who says she's "heartbroken," reveals that a Sitt lackey called her recently to say, "We're kicking you out. Have a Happy New Year." Michael Sarrel, co-owner of Ruby's, says, "We believe we are being renewed, but as of today I don't know for sure. There's a substantial rent increase. The truth is the previous rent was fair. The new rent is unfair."