app_meteorite.jpgThe mysterious object that crashed into a Freehold Township, New Jersey home last week has been determined to be a meteorite. Three Rutgers University geologists and an independent metallurgist arrived at that conclusion after examining the golf ball-sized object with magnets and magnifying glasses. The meteorite, now named Freehold Township for the place where it landed, is magnetic, dense (it weighs nearly a pound), and has a texture pattern that is consistent with other meteorites according to the scientists.

The meteorite is now owned by the family whose house it so rudely crashed into. They have yet to allow for physical testing of the several billion-year old rock, but are said to be interested in having a small tour so local schoolchildren can see it.

The object could be quite valuable. Meteorites that crash into houses and cars are considered more interesting than those that land in wheat fields. The mineral composition of the meteorite also determines its value.

The crash site is not far from where Martians landed in 1938.

Meteorite photo from the Asbury Park Press.